Rue Cler Seattle

Cake Design



$7.75 - $9.25 + / serving


$6 - $7.50 + / serving

Available, but not listed, are mix & match options, alternating layers, simplified versions [without flavored syrups, coulis, curds, nuts, or ganaches], additions [fresh fruit, chopped nuts, flavored syrups, etc.], and substitutions [gluten free, dairy free, etc.].

Custom flavors, dairy free, vegan, gluten free, etc. are an additional $2+ /serving.

If you have specific allergies, please mention it specifically! For example, if you’re allergic to nuts and you request for your cake to be nut-free, I will, to best of my ability, avoid any kind of cross-contamination; however, keep in mind that my kitchen is NOT a nut free zone. The same applies for wheat and other common allergens.

I believe menus force limitations on your options, and restrict the flavor profiles that I can create, but I also acknowledge that having too many options can sometimes be overwhelming. If interested, I can email you a more broad, broken down list of flavors so that you can have more freedom in your decision making.

Please don’t hesitate to email me for something specific! I strive to create a more personal experience by working with you to create the taste you're looking for. Experimenting with new recipes and ingredients is part of the joy of working in this industry.



Custom flavors, colors, & chocolate molds available upon request.


Custom flavors available upon request.

Please inquire for pricing and details.