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Cake Design


Wedding & Event Cakes

To price wedding and event cakes, we start with flavor and number of servings. Once we know the cost per serving, the price increases from there based design, complexity, number of tiers, & special requests.

Once everything is taken into consideration, cakes generally average at $9/serving based on the most popular flavors.

Please schedule a tasting consultation to get an appropriate quote for your cake!

Sheet Cake

For serving only - no bells & whistles

$6 - $8.75/serving [flavor depending]

Minimum 50 servings

Custom flavors, allergies, vegan, gluten free, etc. are an additional $2+ /serving.

Seasonal minimums apply to all orders. The peak season minimum is $500 [May-September], while my off-season minimum is $350 [October-April]. In addition to the cost of the cake, any bulk orders, delivery fees, floral, and special request fees do go toward the minimum price requirement.

Please inquire for more information & a personal pricing breakdown.

Bulk Orders

Orders of 50 or more are considered bulk orders.

Chocolate Truffles


custom designs/flavors start at $2.50/truffle

French Macarons


custom flavors start at $2.50/macaron

custom designs [painting, piping, gold leaf, etc.] $3.50+ /macaron

Rue Cler Eclairs


Cake Samples

SM $2 - $2.50/sample [flavor depending]

LG $3 - $3.50/sample [flavor depending]

Petit Cakes

Personal serving 4” cake

Base price of $40/cake [flavor & optional deco depending]

Bulk orders only unless purchased in addition to a wedding cake.

Custom Desserts

Have something in mind for your event that isn't on the menu? Email me!

For an additional cost per serving, I would love to create something Taylor-made for you!

Unfortunately, some desserts, such as novelty cakes, cupcakes, & cake pops, I simply do not offer. I will create custom desserts as long as they are within my brand.


Sugar Flowers

All sugar flowers are priced by stem, so small flowers and leaves would be priced by the cluster, while larger flowers are priced alone. The minimum price per stem is $12, but given the variances in size, time spent, complexity, coloring, and custom orders, the price range for sugar flowers is far too broad to completely break down. Typical sugar flower arrangements can range from $50-$500.

Please email me for further details about sugar flower pricing!

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers for wedding cakes will be provided by the client or the event florist on site, or prior to the event. Rarely will I purchase flowers myself for decorating.

Fees range from $5-$25 for placing fresh floral on a cake, depending on the flower arrangement.